There are very few banks or credit unions that will provide financing on a mobile home. Many of our buyers that require financing to complete their purchase will simply arrange a short term loan on another asset that currently has no lien against that title, such as a car, boat, or RV that is currently paid off. While you will pay a relatively higher rate of interest for this type of loan, by having the cash to purchase your mobile home, you will usually be able to negotiate a lower purchase price with the cash to close. Another popular option is our Buy Here/Pay Here Option


Remember that you are buying a mobile home, which is a titled vehicle, much like a car, boat, or RV. However, since a mobile home is not as easy to move as a car or boat, etc. banks generally do not loan money for the purchase of a mobile home. Plus, if you didn’t make the payments and they had to repossess the home, they would still be on the hook for the community rent. With that fact in mind, and, a need for some buyers to arrange for some type of short term financing to be able to complete the purchase of their new home, we can offer buy here / pay here financing for many of the homes that we offer for sale. It’s very simple; you pick the home, put down an initial payment (usually half of the asking price of the home), and we set up a payment plan of “X” amount due monthly until the balance is paid in full (the monthly payment amount is negotiated based on your financial situation). We do not charge any interest fees for monthly payment plans!! Understand that each home, and seller situation, offers different opportunities and there is not a standard that I can simply lay out for you on this website. Variables that can impact the terms are the location of the home, the condition of the home, furnished or unfurnished, sellers financial needs, etc. Also be aware that the final price can usually be negotiated lower for a cash purchase, however, we do offer this option if it is needed to help “make the deal”.

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