Mobile Home Buyers Tips

Suggestions to make the Search and Purchase of Your New Home as Productive, Stress Free and Enjoyable as Possible


First, you must remember you are buying a pre owned manufactured home, not a 5000 S. F. mansion. Mobile Homes are excellent, for the low cost and comfortable living they offer but you must not compare them to the home you now have.

(1) SALE PRICE -- Most mobile homes offered for sale are priced at current market value. Some sellers wish a quick sale on their home and will offer the home under market value, which will normally be noted in the listing specifications. If you feel the asking price is fair it is best to make your offer at or as close as possible to the asking price. Always be willing to negotiate with the seller through the agent on any offer you do make. You must like the home or you wouldn't make an offer, so do not be negative toward the home to the seller, as this will often result in them being unwilling to work out an acceptable price with you.


Be flexible, as our agent(s) may have other showings or closings and possibly can't meet with you immediately. You do want to be able to view the mobile homes you are interested in an un-rushed manner, so you can get to see all the mobile homes and related community's have to offer. However, because our agents live in Colony Cove, we can usually meet up with you on your schedule.

(3) BE HONEST & FAIR WITH THE AGENT -- You know what you want and your price range, allow the agent(s) this information to allow them to show you the proper homes. Most communities have background and credit check requirements for residency, make sure the agent knows if there are any negative reasons that may disqualify you. Our agents may then be able to point you to a community that is less restrictive, but by law all parks must accept all applications for review. Your deposit will be returned if you do not qualify. Just looking for future reference, let the agent know. They will be willing to show you around and offer any help they can. If they know what you are looking for they can send you information on that criteria.

(4) WHAT TO LOOK FOR -- Keep in mind that you are looking mainly at the location, size, layout and condition of a mobile home within the price range you are willing to spend. It is possible that the home may not be as clean as you may like for reasons such as the owner is disabled, elderly or that the property has been vacant for some time. Remember a good thorough cleaning can make a world of difference in that mobile home and the asking price normally reflects these conditions which may save you thousands of dollars, so try to overlook that aspect. Look past the clutter of an occupied mobile home, it will be gone when the owner vacates and you take possession of the mobile home. Carefully look at the condition of both the outside and the inside of the home. Does it need minor or major repair? The asking price probably already reflects this but with a little elbow grease and a few repairs or updates you can still have a home you can be proud of at a very reasonable cost.

(5) WHEN CAN I MOVE IN -- Move in dates are always negotiable between the buyer and the seller based on their particular needs. Normally most closing dates are set at 30 days or less from the date a seller signs the offer to purchase. This allows you time to get park approval for residency, get acquainted with the park rules and regulations, allows us time to process all the necessary paper work and of course time for the seller, if occupying the home, to vacate the mobile home. In most cases a quicker closing is very possible, if the home is already vacant and the seller is available for doing their part in the sales process. In certain cases a seller may want or need an extended closing date which if it suits your needs can be negotiated. Be sure the agent knows your needs on a closing date so they can show you only the homes that may qualify with your needs and wants.

(6) BE POLITE -- If the mobile home you are viewing is occupied, remember that this is the owners home and is decorated, cluttered and lived in their way. Clutter goes when they vacate the mobile home and you will decorate the home the way you like, so please don't make negative comments about the home in front of the owner. In many cases they do not wish to sell but circumstances may be forcing them to and negative comments from you will only make them less likely to negotiate a sales price, accommodate your requested occupancy date and so on. You could even lose the home you want just by making an negative remark about a picture on the wall.

(7) ASK QUESTIONS -- Feel free to ask the sales agent about security, traffic, noise, neighbors, local attractions, restaurants, shopping, medical, etc. We live in Colony Cove and enjoy the amenities of the community every day, so we are uniquely familiar with the area and can be of great help to you. Get as much information about the area as you can so that you can make your decision wisely.

(8) PARK RULES & REGULATIONS -- Make sure that the park policies will work for you. Our agents can answer most of these questions and can help you to contact the park management for the ones they can't.

(9) DEPOSITS -- When you are ready to make an offer, be aware that a down payment (deposit) will be required. Unless a deposit is received, the home is not taken off the market and you stand a chance of losing the home if another buyer shows up and makes a deposit. We require a minimum deposit of $1,000 on any offer, as this shows us and the seller that you are serious about purchasing the home. If you wish to make an offer but do not have the full deposit amount right then, we will accept a smaller deposit and take the home off the market temporarily with the stipulation the balance of the deposit be made within an agreed upon time element. Make sure you agree on all aspects of the purchase before you give a deposit. If your offer is not accepted your deposit is returned. If your offer is accepted your deposit will be returned if you cannot get park approval for residency. However, it is important for you, as a buyer, to understand that a down payment takes this home off the market for sale. The down payment is being held for you to complete the purchase. While this sale is on hold, pending your community approval, etc. the rent, utility costs and maintenance costs continue for the sellers. So, if you simply change your mind, find another home that you want to buy, etc. your down payment WILL BE FORFEITED!!! There may be circumstances where your down payment may be held as a credit for a future purchase, however, this is strictly offered at the discretion of Tropical Mobile Home Sales management.