Tropical Mobile Home Sales, LLC is owned and operated by John and Sharon Tull.
Both have extensive backgrounds in sales and in operating a business venture. Sharon is a licensed cosmetologist and ran her own hair salon in Knoxville for many years. John was a Communications Consultant with AT&T for 16 years. When John and Sharon married, almost 20 years ago, they formed a company in Knoxville, Tennessee that provided business telephone systems, wiring, and other data solutions for business clients in the East Tennessee region. For almost 20 years this business provided them with a good income and a great lifestyle.

Several years ago John and Sharon Tull purchased their home in Colony Cove for their future retirement. The plan was to snowbird for several years and then make the move permanent. However, in early 2011 they were recruited to list and sell mobile homes exclusively in Colony Cove by a local real estate firm. It sounded like fun, and a great way to keep busy while making a living in retirement in sunny South Florida, so, they sold their house in Tennessee, turned the business over to their son, packed up the personal items, and, most importantly the dogs, and made the move permanent.

It didn't take long for them to realize that people were making the job of listing, and selling, these mobile homes much more difficult than it should, or needed, to be. Seemed like everyone was approaching the process as if they were selling real estate and that made the entire process too difficult and too slow. So, John and Sharon sat down and reconfigured the processes to be able to list and sell these homes for exactly what they are...titled vehicles, much like a car, boat, or RV. This meant less paperwork, less of a sales cycle, and greater efficiency!

Unfortunately (or, fortunately, as they see it!) the real estate firm that they were with at the time couldn't wrap their brain around this concept of offering mobile homes, so, John and Sharon parted ways with that firm in early 2012 and opened Tropical Mobile Home Sales, LLC. Tropical MHS is a fully licensed, and bonded, mobile home brokerage firm. They concentrate their efforts exclusively in Colony Cove, even though they are licensed to sell mobile homes anywhere in Florida. Since they are the owners, they are able to offer many advantages that other agents do not have available to them such as 'buy here / pay here' financing terms, where they can help with the financing of your new home.

But, without any doubt, the biggest advantage they have over any other agent in the Cove is that they live here. They've invested in this lifestyle, live it on a daily basis, and love it and they are uniquely qualified, as your neighbors, to explain the advantages of living here and enjoying the many amenities that the community has to offer.

Give them a call at 941-779-6262 or contact them thru this website and let's see what they can do for you!!